Tropical Twist

Match fruit in this tropical adventure



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Tropical Twist is a casual game where you you have to connect fruit on a game board in order to collect them. As usual in this type of game, your objective is to try to match as many fruit as possible in as few moves as possible.

In some levels, you have to collect only a certain type of fruit, while in others your objective is to get the highest score possible. When you match more than five fruits of the same kind, you create special fruits that let you collect even more with your movements.

In Tropical Twist, you can find more than a hundred different levels, where you can complete different objectives. The gameplay of course, is always the same: match the same types of fruit to collect them in an explosion of juice and colors.

Tropical Twist is an entertaining casual game that makes up for its lack of originality with some really nice graphics. Ultimately, it's really similar to the last Android game from Square Enix, Smoothie Swipe.


Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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